There are possibly millions of different mentalities or ways to live, but I think most people fall into 3 categories.

The first is that you are constantly measuring yourself by everything else that is out there, and are forever striving to try and be the best or to make an impact in whatever passion you have chosen to pursue (if you have infact, figured that part out). You go to bed at night with your thoughts bouncing off the insides of your head. You wake up in the morning and contemplate how you can better yourself and progress your life in the most excellent directions. You dream big, and you don’t back down till you achieve your desires. You want the world to accept and acknowledge your amazing abilities! You run onto the dance floor when the DJ plays your favorite song yelling things like “THIS SONG IS MY FAVE” and “I’M HAVING A REALLY GOOD TIME RIGHT NOW”.


You don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. You live life on your own time. Your body image and social stature are not important. Infact, you secretly look down upon people who do care, as you can’t come to a conclusion on why you should. When you wake up, you wish that you could go back to bed to shut it all away, however – when you sleep, you don’t dream. Life is merely a continuous and monotonous exercise. You’re unexcited and unexciting. The adds you read while riding the bus say you might be “depressed”. When you see a hot girl/guy, you’re all “whatevs!”

You hate dancing, and all the shows that have anything to do with dancing, or thinking you can dance. You also refuse to watch the news.


You don’t give a shit what anyone thinks, but you still strive to prove to yourself that you are the best. You are your harshest critic, yet your biggest fan. You don’t care if anyone ever acknowledges your greatness, but secretly want to look at your peers and say “I told you so!”…..You write down all your thoughts so you won’t lose them, and one day hope to have a library full of all the amazing things you created in your mind. Then you can look back and feel good about what you accomplished in the time you were given on this earth. You want to feel like you have the ultimate say on whether or not your life was time well spent, which it obviously will be, because you are the greatest. Sometimes you look in the mirror and feel like you “Let yourself go”. You like dancing, but only if no one else is.

Am I totally off? Which one is closest to you?

I might be a combo of all 3…..


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