TO VIC AND BACK (a multi chapter saga)



Today Anthony and I headed out to Victoria after deciding we needed to get some shit sorted out for our musical ESCAPADE (Yeah, Janet Jackson style!)

We headed out using one of the new 2010 Vancouver Olympic ferries (which are fucking bumping by the way) and arrived in town by 1:30. Hit up Long and Mcquade and rented an SSL Super Analog Channel. It’s a pre-amp, compressor, EQ, and limiter that sounds DOPE. It pretty much makes vocals and other shit sound crazy when you run them through it. Then we hit up our man Michael who was kind enough to bestow us with a $4000 Kurzweil K2500 RS rack mount. If you don’t know what that is, you don’t deserve to.

Caught the ferry back again at 7 and now I’m chillin at home ready to take on the world. Enjoy the pics. First two pics were taken from the ferry. It’s artsy and you should respect that! Bottom one is of the SSL Strip (and a rosetta). Behold it in all it’s glory.




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