Recording continues over this jam packed month we have ahead of us! The excitement is running high as we look forward to receiving our first mix back from Mr. Roger Swan. In case you don’t know who that is, Google him. He’s the man.

The strange thing about this blog is sometimes I think about what I’m writing – – !which is not really a good thing!  – – I feel like I should be as honest as possible. I feel like within my life, I just shouldn’t give a fuck in terms of saying what’s on my mind. Ok, Ok, so if that means hurting someones feelings, I obviously don’t want to be an asshole. BUT – what if it’s stating the obvious? Case in point, I could be brutally honest right now about something that’s happening in a close friends life that is affecting me, but my heart is telling me to just keep it under wraps….I think I’m gonna follow my heart…..

I feel like I became emotionally bankrupt almost 2 years ago when I decided to leave my EX and move to a different city to pursue music. I thought that I could gain back and fill the void she left through writing and new experiences. I started channelling all my pent up energy into lyrics and music that matched all my moods. I tried to capture every vibe that poured out of me into song. In retrospect, I can’t decide if it was right or wrong, however I do feel like I can finally move on. No regrets, but I still don’t feel like I’m ready to emotionally extend myself out there again. That’s why I’m getting shit from Anthony all the time. See, he’s got a GF….he’ll prolly marry this girl. They’re great together.

Me? Personally, I’ve been a slut over the past year. I’m only now starting to recover. I decided about a month or so ago that I would stop doing the one night stand/just sex thing. It stopped being fun for me….although I will say it gave me some major inspiration and helped me write some dope ideas. I’m just not that person anymore.

The problem right now is I can’t look at a girl and see anything more than a fling. BUT –  I’M NOT ACTING ON IT!!!!! You should see me at the bars now! I have some good conversation and then it’s all like “nice to meet ya”. I don’t ask for numbers or nothing!!!! In fact, I would prefer to hang out with a girl who will mentally stimulate me instead of just using her for SEX – – – – But the craziest thing happened the other day. I met this chick with magnetic energy!!! It was good scary.

I received a text from her later that evening and my heart shot sparks….something I haven’t experienced in almost 2 years. Who knows….maybe I’m human after all (DAFT PUNK REF). It’s supposed to happen when you least expect it right??

I’m not saying any more on the topic so as not to jinx it, ya dig?

As always, the best is yet to come –


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