After pulling a design marathon over the last week, averaging roughly 3 hours sleep every night, we headed to L.A.! Thankfully, we had Anthony D (our resident Producer/Engineer/Accountant) orchestrate a budget plan allowing us to travel to Cali without breaking the bank….unfortunately, this meant catching a 7 AM Greyhound Bus to Seattle to catch a connecting flight.

img_19792It’s so early, Anthony is still sleeping

We slept until we hit the border. Some people find it difficult to sleep while travelling, but I relish in it!…I can sleep anywhere. After being granted access into the states, we jumped back on the bus and fell asleep again until we hit Seattle. Farshad met this cabbie guy who offered to give us a ride to a restaurant. He gave us a quick tour of Seattle, pointing out some of the happenin’ local joints. Farshad also gave us some input into where Seattle gets down….


Farshad is Persian and flexed his amazing bargaining skillz allowing us to score a cheap ride to an all you can eat DIM SUM place downtown Seattle. After lunch, we dragged our bags to the airport!


We flew from Seattle into Portland, chillin out at yet ANOTHER airport. Anthony showed us some Reason shit on Farshad’s new laptop. The plane boarded and we were lucky enought to have a SUPER HOT flight attendant. She gave Farshad an extra bag of pretzels…..

Finally, at around 9:30 PM, after a looong ass day, we landed in L.A. Wait till you see our flyyy PT cruiser with the drop top (LOL) – This week is gonna be sooooooo DOPE. Can’t wait to hit up the area and check it out. This is my first time in Cali, so I have some high expectations. I’m already blown away by the palm trees.

img_2002SEX-ED has arrived!!!



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