So we stormed this hookah place in L.A. cuz Farshad is Persian and if you don’t smoke hookah once a week, it’s BAD LUCK. This was a hookah experience unlike any other due to the black lights and blaring hip hop music. If there wasn’t strobe effects shooting off the ceiling, and endless Lil’ Wayne blasting throughout the building, you would have sworn you were chillin’ in your high school cafeteria. Peep this shot of Anthony lookin’ all GANGSTA.

img_20362No, not weed….

We got up bright and early this morning and did some prep for the album launch this week (BE EXCITED) before hitting the beach! All 3 of us hopped in the *PT CRUISER* and drove down to Newport Beach. I am really digging California- the sprawling hills – sunshine – pornstar looking women – sunshine – pornstar looking women – and sunshine! I needed to buy a pair of shorts 4 REAL cuz I was sweating my ass off. Farshad came prepared tho –


We had the camera going for most of the day also. Farshad is actually taping dolphins off the peer (I’M SERIOUS!)


I found a friend too! He was chillin’ on the rock underneath the dock (dope ryhme)


I have named him Russell. We had a conversation on camera, but you’ll have to wait till we upload that to see how it all went down.


Cali is my new favorite place.


I couldn’t imagine being in a better spot while Volume 1 drops this week.

Tomorrow, we hit up L.A.



One Response to “HOOKAH+SUNSET=MAGiQ”

  1. go for it boys!!!!

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