L.A. GEAR!!!!!!!!!!

We got some studios lined up this week that we’re going to visit, including The Village (can’t wait for that!!!!!). Today, we decided to hit up Melrose and Sunset. I’ll keep the entry short, and let the pics speak for themselves.img_2098

My future residence atop the Hollywood Hills….

We visited my uncles store on Melrose, which is just as dope as his store on Granville Street in Vancouver.


Even though I’m a huge supporter of my uncles shoes, I’m a huge sneaker head, and Farshad took us to one of the dopest stores on Melrose. Flyyy Sneakers as far as the eyes can see…..


Yes, Anthony is modeling authentic L.A. Gear’s !!! (he looks unimpressed tho)


After the store, we headed onto the Sunset Strip!


Finally, we have decided to convert to Scientology…..well, I have anyway…..Farshad still isn’t into it.


Don’t worry L. Ron, our potential WILL BE UNLEASHED!!!

Download Vol.1 if you havn’t yet!



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