Beware of the creepy mannequins at the Prada store! They caught my eye, so I had to get a photo. Infact, I was totally digging Prada until a sales associate walked up and politely asked me to stop taking pictures. I already felt like a Japanese tourist (no disrespect) so I obliged, but I managed to get some good shots. I look forward to the day when I return and drop a couple G’zzzz on some shirts and a pair of shoes. Oh yes…..it will be mine…….(Wayne’s World reference).

They’re so creative!!! You have to look down to see their current luggage collection!


They were NOT PLEASED that I managed to get this picture of Farshad.


But enough about them! We made our way over to Gucci (who were much nicer BTW) and shopped around a bit more. Fuck paying these high prices!! SEX-ED is going to be sponsored by Gucci…mark my words. I will rock everything fresh off the runway! My fave piece of clothing in the store happened to be this jacket. I managed to snap a pic before I was (once again) asked to stop!….


Yes, it’s pink and yes – it’s FFFRESH – I wanna wear this jacket while I’m making a beat!!! I know it would inspire me to create something as flyyy as the jacket itself. In the future, you will hear a SEX-ED track that will change your perception of reality, and it will probably be because I was rocking this jacket while it was imagined and executed!

Now…..I’ve had the pleasure of working in retail myself, and it’s probably one of the most boring, soul sucking experiences I’ve partaken in (and I dig fashion!) So I wondered to myself….if you work at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive (the Gucci mecca, so to speak), does it mean retail life is any better??? I have concluded that the answer is a most definite NO.

Alas, I will return to Rodeo Drive in the future when the time is right….


Only this time I’ll hit up Versace cuz it won’t be closed. And they’ll know I’m coming, cuz they’ll have read it here first!!!




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