WE WENT TO MEXICO!!! K, not really, but Santi Alley is basically like going to Mexico without leaving L.A….Located in the heart of downtown, Santi Alley provides all the amenities of your average shanti sized traders market without having to cross the border. Granted, it’s a little bit nicer than it’s ghetto Mexican counterparts – but not by much.

Where else can you bargain for baseball hats (3 for 10!) or unreleased pirated DVD’s (6 for 20!)? I was gonna purchase the new Wolverine movie off the street, and it doesn’t even come out till MAY!!!! Here is a pic of Farshad getting an amazing deal from this wall of cologne.


Personally, I kept my cool through all the Diesels, True Religions, and fake Prada till we hit up this really dope sneaker shop. Farshad and I bargained with the dude, and now I’m the proud owner of these fffresh new Supras! Farshad also scored a pair of Purple Supras, and some Creative Rec’s…..


Earlier that day, before south of the border shopping, we visited Paramount studios in Santa Monica! It’s dubbed “The Cave” cuz it looks like (dun dun duhhhh) a Cave. The tracking room is giant, and I suck at getting pictures, so all ya’ll get to see is the window into the main studio. My bad.

img_2300 We did manage to get a pic with the SSL tho.


Still gotta talk about last nights adventures, but we need to hit up Venice Beach today cuz we leave tomorrow :(… till then.



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