img_2533BACK IN THE GAME!!! – So I’ve been out of commission with Strep Throat (oh my) but lucky enough to attend Game One – Series 2 -The Playoffs – CANUCKS V.S. BLACKHAWKS

Someone such as myself who isn’t the least bit interested in hockey was persuaded to join in on the festivities, as Vancouver (home) scored a winning goal with one minute to spare on the clock ! (I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it happened, but the story is being modified to add excitement).



img_2522FINAL SCORE – 5-3 CANUCKS!

(why does it say canucks is spelled wrong in spellcheck???)

I’m HIII on Penicillin, Advil, and throat candies, in preparation for my percussion performance at Canvas tonight in Gastown.


What a fantastic Saturday! I spent a large percentage of the day playing my supa cool electric drums I rented from Long $ Mcquade. Beats are spilling from my pores! Here is a clip of a kick pattern I was working on. Could this groove be apart of a future track?….these are questions only God knows the answers too….



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