Out of Canada tonight! Johnny Winter Live! Anthony is working on some sort of contraption that captures smoke and distributes it evenly! Every sentence is ending in an exclamation!

Seriously though, this guitar playing is blowing my mind….certain folks have been fans since 1965. You could of met him at the venue if you were around too. This is blues! – but dig to how he put a spin on it!…

A shout out to Anika on her B Day last night ! It was a blllllllllllllast -+-+- Anika appears on trizzack 2 (BRIGHT SUN) which is apart of SEX-ED Vol.1 as the super hot voice. She ripped it up, and lived up to her vocal abilities.

But forgive me! – I failed to mention our shortlived run at The Beat 94.5 as the Battle of the Beats champions. Damn that Lady Gaga….what she lacks in hotness, she makes up for in make-out-ability – AND we can’t wait to do a song wit her one day – – –  I promise you well in advance that it will = greatness….


…I created the sexiest beat yet the other night…


F i n a l l y –

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us, but really, it’s all about Vol.1, so make sure you download it (…..and as they say…..the best is yet to come….



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