OK OK OK OK OK OK – This is a picture of me performing at ICE on Saturday night that was not conventionally introduced to me….I don’t even know the chick in the photo – Infact, a friend of mine (Roy) showed it to me on his Facebook, and was all “hey check out a pic of you that someone I know posted.”

– This is Noteworthy CUZ –

The blue-ish shirt I’m wearing was given to me as a gift by my step-dad. It’s Versace. It also retails for about $400+ (not that I care about shit like that, but it’s worth mentioning I suppose). The final detail I’m leaving out is that I think it’s the UGLIEST fucking shirt ever! SO –  Anthony dared me to wear it out Saturday! – He’s all “I don’t think you have balls to do it”.  Well this picture confirms it….I may have the balls…but it IS the fucking ugliest shirt ever. TAKE THAT ANTHONY!!!!

So never again?

I even rolled up the sleeves – SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH (yikes)



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