Maybe I’m starting to get better at blogging…I’m not super sure tho 😦

At first I thought I was kinda hard, because who the hell has time to sit at a computer for 30+ minutes a night and come up with shit to talk about that (let’s be honest) no one is really going to read?

Then there is the issue of WHAT to blog – how much personal info to make public? How many posts per day are acceptable? Does anyone really give a shit?

Then the strangest thing happens…..someone approaches you and says “hey I saw that thing you posted on your blog”.

And it all makes sense. Everything you have worked for. All the digging you have done. All the blood, sweat and tears (good band) being cleansed from your body, just to hear that someone actually took the time to read it.

This is just the beginning tho! – You just wait! Wait until the design of this site becomes more pleasing to thine eye. Wait until we start releasing bi-monthly videos chronicling our journey of life. Wait until you become reliant on this information, as if you cannot continue your day until you get a fix of what we have to say. I’m practicing right now for those moments…..and something tells me they will be here soon.

Kanye West, doesn’t really blog, so much as just post pictures/trailers/mp3’s of cool shit. He’ll post every once in a while (ALL CAPS) for good measure, but the amount of updates V.S. the amount of work he prolly has to get done in a day V.S. the amount of stuff he actually types himself, leads me to believe that there is most likely some dude being paid minimum wage to update his site constantly.

Well, here at SEX-ED, we are more AUTHENTIC than that! There is no one but myself (and Anthony, and Farshad) to do updates. So you recieve these posts straight from the soul. OUR SOUL.

I’m announcing my excitement for what this blog has the potential to be….and I’ll leave you with the attitude I take whenever I create a dope new beat…..THE BEST HAS YET TO COME.



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