breathalyzer(not me)

So last night at around 2 AM-ish, I’m driving to Greenhouse studios for a late night JAM sesh (after Chai) when I get pulled over for….? I had Farshad, his sis, her friend, and my super sexy GF in the car as well. The cop walks up and asks “how much have you had to drink tonight?”

Of course, being the extremely responsible individual I am (lol) I answer “nothing, officer”.

“STEP OUT OF THE CAR” He Retorts….


I guess it’s kinda fun, as long as you haven’t actually had anything to drink….BLOW ME.

-09AlcoHawk_Precision_BreathalyzerEL9-detailGotta admit, I was a bit nervous, but anywayz – I was obviously let off.

Can i just state for a second here that the cop I was dealing with was a total asshole? I was SO POLITE (my mom taught me well) but he was very condescending as well as just plain rude. I acknowledge that he must deal with drunk assholes on a day to day basis, however there is something to be said for judgment of character when it comes to specific situations. P.S. – He CRACKED my ID in half before giving it back to me (4 realz).

a l t h o u g h

I’ve heard from others that the Vancouver Police are dick faces…..


At least I didn’t have to resort to this.



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