Goofy-kidsI recently was thinking about what it takes to write a catchy and memorable Children’s theme song. Here are a few that I think have stood the test of time.

UNDER THE UMBRELLA TREE (I kinda have a thing for Holly…)

CHIP AND DALE: RESCUE RANGERS (I would pump this in my car on a Saturday night as I’m getting ready to go out!)

TODAY’S SPECIAL (My BFF has a thing for Jeff)

GHOST BUSTERS (doesn’t really count cuz the theme was already established, but the walking ghost is pretty FLYY)

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (dig the ad-libs with the turtles talking)

EWOKS (Seriously, WTF!!!??)

FRAGGLE ROCK (I know this is live action as apposed to cartoon, but 4 REALZ – best bass line ever??)

MY LITTLE PONY (4 ALL THE LADIES…it’s actually quite catchy)

ANIMANIACS (dope show, but kinda annoying theme)


SUPER MARIO BROS. (SUPER SHOW….p.s. they kinda look MEXICAN)

SO MUCH CONTENT! – What do you think? Are there any that I missed?

p.s. – i left out Rugrats cuz it was removed from Youtube for copyright infringement 😦


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