Pro Tools VS Logic Pro 8 – ALL ABOUT WORKFLOW!

As a long-term Pro Tools user, I’ve lately found myself working out of a studio that swears by Apple’s Logic Pro 8.   Now, I ‘m not trying to open up a can of worms here, but it’s time to bring up the  whole “Pro Tools VS Logic” debate.   In my view, as both programs are pretty crazy , I think the final decision ultimately rests upon workflow.  For SEX-ED,  we’ve managed to create an efficient method with Pro Tools as the central heart.  We’ve  incorporated a small rack of hardware, several software plug-in’s, and various live recording applications  to make magic happen.   Now, I’ll admit that our system may appear more complicated that an all ‘in the box’ solution, but its simply a different way of getting things done – best of all,  we’ve never felt restricted creatively and the process remains enjoyable.  Naturally, Logic users will argue that with a larger pallet of options (available cheap!) and slick integration, production becomes easier.  They also rave about the high quality sound engine and plug-in’s.   Well, whether or not the claims are true, I’m going to take it upon myself to find out…. how else can one really make up their mind?  I’ve read a multitude of arguments, technical and creative, fighting for one program over the other.  However,  I’m thinking that after some testing,  we’ll find a way to incorporate the best of both worlds (even if it’s in a small way) …. just have to learn some new short-cuts lol!   Nonetheless, I’d love to see what other people think (preferable users who have experience with both apps!).   I’ve included 2 promo videos for each… maybe they’ll fuel some emotion 😛   OH!  And let’s remember, no matter what side of the fence you sit on, let’s not be moopsters about this  (see below – creativity busters).


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