foosh-creative-recreation-sneaker-2-540x338This is crazy! Creative Recs are my FAVE show brand besides my Uncles (SHOUT OUT FLUEVOGS), so I flipped when I read this on High Snobiety today:

Believe it or not Edmonton, Alberta’s (MY HOMETOWN) premier streetwear boutique Foosh is celebrating their 10th year in business. Among other items and events, Foosh has worked with footwear label Creative Recreation on the popular Cesario Hi. Taking inspiration from the colors of local Edmonton Oilers NHL franchise, the shoes are made up in blue, orange and white. Paying homage to the glory days of Wayne Gretzky, and coincidentally the shop’s opening year, the Foosh Cesario’s feature an embroidered “99″ on the heel. Available in-store at Foosh tomorrow, Thursday, June 11th at 7:00pm. For global orders, contact info@foosh.ca

Sooooooooooooooooooo, Shout outs to Justin (the owner)! I’ve known that guy forevs and my Grandma used to drop tons of cash spoiling me at that place (It was the only store that sold X-LARGE shit).

Personally, I wouldn’t rock them – I just think it’s cool.



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