For the past year or so, we here at SEX-ED have regarded the following video as incredible inspiration! The bar has truly been set for future emcees that we are looking to work with.

Watch the following to see what I’m talking about:

As you can see, Eli Porter has delivered something special.

Here is a breakdown of his lyrical prowess.


Yo, I got one question man, tell me who next,
This nigga salt like the nigga done get it the best,
See I’m the best maaaayne, I did it.

(Longest Pause Ever)

Yeah, I’m a let you know who the best, by the hour,
He’s like Rosie O’Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower,
It ain’t nothing to me man, I keep it fo’ real,
Look at his dental man, with… dent on the grill,
See, I’m the best, I told you that, this dude like that,
He ran then from the cat, no, I messed up,
But I’m a stay on top they told me man,

But you know man, I’m never gon’ flop, look at this dude,
He need to stay in the shade, ain’t no wonder why he came out,
He already in the gay parade, I told you man, I got you,
Roasted like ever you dont know, but my rhymes,
They straight up clever, so you step down, off the pedastle.
I’m the best mayne, you need to go.. to the fuckin’ dental.
I said “friggin,” yo.

envy-vs-eli-porter-i-really-mean-itTRULY EXCEPTIONAL.

For the record, the battle ended in a controversial 2-1 decision for his opponent Envy. Despite losing the battle, many still regard him as one of the top 5 emcees Dead or Alive.



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