DSC02355(this picture was taken outside my window)

Yikes! I have come to the realization that traveling and work (until recently) has made it difficult to accomplish much. LIKE SHEESH – I was on a role for a little while – AND NOW – I find myself sitting on a beach enjoying the echo of waves, and the rays of dark orangey-blue sun beams shooting through the clouds.

Last week was retarded.

tbXsyOG5Thggv9ky4A6YeNqPo1_400 And not in a handcap sort of way -IT WAS BUSY.

Infact, I spent a large percentage of the last 14 days working my ass off (but not in a musical way) which is why I believe I deserve some relaxation. Not that you should feel bad for me or something cuz YOU SHOUDLN’T. I am very LUCKY. But I like to think I create that luck in many cases (see a previous post).

You see dear readers….I usually try my best to give you insight into whats happening. Give you feeling of what it’s like to walk in my shoes.


I’ve just been dealing with long hours and shitty hotel internet, BUT THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE.

Besides enrolling in Logic and Photoshop Tutorials for the next week, I hope to be surfing and sun tanning while continually updating this shitty blog with some thoughts I’ve had recently. Please enjoy the a shot of the beach that I wake up to every morning.




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