I got wiped  out by THE SUN.

Yesterday I ventured down to Makena beach here in Maui with my (incredibly sexy) GF and began frolicking in the waves and baking in the hot hot heat (middle of nowhere). I think that sun tanning is pretty much a white person thing to do, although here is a picture of an AZN dude getting his tan on.

the king sun-tanning

There were some AZN’s at the beach, as well as tons of Hawaiians (locals) and lots of White people (like myself). I didn’t see any black people tho, because I don’t think they tan (correct me if I’m wrong). That shouldn’t stop them from coming to the beach tho! With massive waves, and baby blue skies, they would think it’s DOPE…..personally, I had an incredible day at Makena, and despite the monster (SCARY) waves, I spent most of the morning and afternoon swimming while my (insanely gorgeous) GF tanned on the sand.

By the time we left, I could feel my sun kissed shoulders and face….however, I failed to notice just how sun kissed they were…..


OK OK OK So they were not THAT BAD – but now I have to chill inside today with Aloevera smeared all over my back and shoulders. IT’S NOT FAIR. I want to go back outside again…..

Here is a picture my (sensuous and delactable) GF took of the beach we chilled at.


This is me carrying all our stuff


We had to climb this giant ridge to make it over to the NUDE BEACH.

DSC02364So worth it tho……



One Response to “BURNED (beach) SHOULDERS !!!”

  1. sexedmusic Says:

    don’t tell me that you’re bare ass foo!

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