Air-Moon-Safari-10th-431277Air is one of my favorite “bands” ever.

Infact, Moon Safari (pictured) is one of my fave RECORDS ever!

I once listened to it on repeat while reading “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells.


It served as a soundtrack of sorts. I think it’s atmospheric textures and memorable key and vocal melodies made the book better to read. I mean, the book was sexcellent anyway! – much better than the disastrous “movies”….



But I digress…..Here is a super dope song off Moon Safari. It was arguably Air’s breakout single. I remember seeing it as a kid on Much Music’s The Wedge (back when Much Music still played vids) and going out the next day to purchase the album – Kelly Watch The Stars!!

(embedding is disabled so just double click the window to watch)

It’s actually a different mix than off the record. Personally, I dig the album cut more, but this one has the visuals to rock it with. I love spacey 70’s shit!


We can go back to the very first single Air ever released. You prolly never heard this on the radio, but may have “overheard it” in about a dozen shampoo commercials. WAY TO GO LICENSING!!

Incredible bass line – and one of the chillest tracks EVER.

The funny thing about this vid is that it gives you all this bonus info on the Moon Safari tracks while you watch.

Once again, I recommend the album version of this track (this version is all modified and mixed differently) and the entire Moon Safari record for that matter – – It has the power to take you places…..



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