Last night was  a blast! – BUT DIDN’T NECESSARILY END WELL.

I’m still chillin’ in Maui (I re-enter reality sometime next week) and most evenings are spent relaxin’ and hangin’ out at our pad overlooking the beautiful beach. At some point last week, we decided that we would take ONE NIGHT ONLY and make a valiant effort to go out on the town!

Keep in mind – this particular Hawaiian Island doesn’t have much of a nightlife scene going on. We headed into Kihei to a biker bar called Kahali’s. What a dive…. Think of the ultimate spot for your 50+ parents to party it up. Were talking DAMAGED GOODS. A lot of the clientele looked like they had a life story to get off their chest, but it didn’t stop them from getting down. I’m making it sound like it’s lame or something, but it couldn’t be more than the opposite – FUCK DJ’s. Remember when clubs used to have live bands? EXACTLY.


It was a bonus that the band playing was SUPER DOPE. The drummer was an ex pro from New York, and the (fat) bass player kept it just as tight. The night however, belonged to the androgynous guitar player. HE SLAYED IT.


4 REAL – He looks like a cross between K.D. Lang and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. He was playing the craziest shit I had ever heard. Dude was ON FIRE. They did a Jimi Hendrix cover of House Burning Down (one of my personal faves) and the guy nailed it NOTE FOR NOTE, plus his own sexcellent embellishments! Think of getting 100% on guitar hero, except he’s playin’ the actual instrument.


After drinking like 7 Mai tai’s, we headed across the street to the Elevated SALSA Bar called Lu Lu’s. My (fabulous and fine) GF is a REAL dancer, and therefore helped me get my Salsa grind on. She made me a pro in no time. Of course, she herself totally tore up the dance floor herself and had everyone on their knees in the dust.


We became even more drunk and then decided we would head back to our place and retire for the evening.

When we arrived home, my (exceptional and elegant) GF demanded I make her a plate of “after the bar” nachos. I complied, and went to work. During the process however, I accidently knocked a giant knife off the counter. It richoceted off the cabinet and stabbed me in the foot. Luckily for me, the alcohol I consumed numbed the pain as I limped up the stairs yelling “BABY I JUST STABBED MYSELF”.

She wrapped the open cut up in a spare maxi-pad, and we both passed out.

Check out the wound (morning after).


OK OK OK so it’s not horrible or anything, but I am SOOOO lucky that’s the only damage that was done. Check out the knife.

IMG_3211I could of lost a toe (or 2).

Anywayz, I’m kinda depressed cuz I wanted to go play in the waves today and now I have to wait until the wound heals enough to go back in the ocean (boo fucking hoo).

Do you ever wish life had a re-wind button?


I would of HIT that SHIT!

Overall, I was extremely pleased with how the evening progressed, and enjoyed every moment until the final few…I’m also very lucky I have a super hot nurse taking care of me.

Back in Van on Tuesday…..First order of business – release the new SEX-ED MSTRKRFT REMIX….



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