Ahh yes….Consistency….something I try and live by, but seem to lose track of all too often…I feel like pretty much nothing will ever be accomplished unless you are consistent. It doesn’t matter if you wanna be a comedian

comedian-magician_hiresa body builder,


or change the face of music (in our case)


Unless everything we do and release is DOPE (at least by our standards) progress will cease and our machine will grind to a halt.

Fuck – I sound like Dr. Phil or something


Feel free to retaliate.


But you need to understand – this stuff keeps me AWAKE at night. I realize everything that needs to be accomplished and it’s sometimes hard to turn off my mind when it refuses to RELAX.


Has this ever happened to you?

Do you ever lie in bed through twilight pondering how your choices will affect the future you are creating?


BTW, I’m NOT complaining or trying to spin this negatively. If anything, I’m TOO excited about the coming months. For me, it can be overwhelming to decide what to tackle first.

I just wish I knew how to turn off my brain sometimes….


But getting back to the theme – CONSISTENCY –

yeah, I’m promising myself to be more consistent.

p.s – Download SEX-ED Vol.1 if you havn’t yet at – – – Ya dig?



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