Sometime during the hailstorm of the last few days, my camera went missing. I was unable to capture quite a few moments that were a defining example of why this summer has been so exciting and memorable. I know what they say….”if you don’t have photos, it didn’t really happen”.

Well, then I guess we haven’t been recording AMAZING TRACKS at Greenhouse in a room next to AKON (lol). I guess I didn’t take a boat ride through a hazy orange/purple lightning filled sky to watch fireworks. I guess I didn’t play a dope party on the 8th floor of Mr. Chin’s studio while blasting energy into the darkness of the downtown Vancouver skyline. I guess I didn’t rock out at V-Fest with Metric. I guess I didn’t see Bruno (actually I wish I skipped out on that…)

BLAH BLAH BLAH….it saddens me that I didn’t (and still don’t) have my camera. However, I am indeed greatful for such an exciting last couple of days and therefore will relish the memories for decades to come.

Time to invest in a new one?



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