CHEWBARKA is our new friend….Sherry found him in a tree and decided to bring him home. I think he’s Yellow Danish Lab Beagle cross?…. He has quickly become our furry little companion. At first I thought he would be a hassle take care of, but he’s totally self sufficient, and actually really helpful! I was even pleasantly surprised by his cooking skills!


He’s also into music! – We have only jammed once, but I can really feel a musical “chemistry” between us. He totally knows how to toss “Swag” on a beat!


I’m excited to have a work out partner now too. He’ll be awesome motivation to get in shape!


I need to teach him how to do my banking online….


SUPER IMPRESSIVE! Since moving in, he regularly jumps on the 1’s and 2’s to spin classic hip hop (exclusively). Lots of Ice Cube and lots of Eric B and Rakim. Apparently only “bitches” spin house.


He does however have a tendency to ACT OUT – – – – – –  BAD CHEWBARKA!!!


And for an animal who can’t touch the peddles, he sure is a good driver….CHEWBARKA completes our entourage!



He is most definitely one of a kind and were happy to have rescued him out of the tree. He will now come with us EVERYWHERE.



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