Almost every time I’m at a restaurant getting ready to order food, I find myself faced with a very important decision. A decision involving moral and emotional consequences. A decision that deeply impacts the way others view me. Although we have all been told by Oprah countless times to “be you” and “remain true to yourself”, I still find myself battling this negative stigma. I would rather eat a VEGGIE burger over a normal BEEF burger. What does that make me?


Veggie Burger Cake and Finn

Actually, it’s mostly just other dudes that give me shit about it – I find women have no issue whatsoever with the vegetarian option – infact, it seems to be the preferential choice. Sherry is a total vegetarian (although today she ate a tuna sandwich)…..So that means she’s one of those people who likes SOME animals as food, but is positively turned off by others (COWS AND PIGS). She once told me about how factories that “mass produce” beef and pork products don’t treat the animals well, and that makes them NOT TASTE as good. THINK ABOUT IT – If the cows/chickens/pigs are depressed, that means the meat is UNHAPPY, and therefore we are eating depressed meat. Is that why so many people are depressed nowadays?


Also, something about how they are pumped full of steroids, and we are in turn absorbing the chemicals as we consume them. Maybe that’s why all 10 year old kids are way LARGER nowadays then they used to be.


I also heard that sometimes beef burger’s have other things added into them that are not always good. Things that you wouldn’t want to know about….


MY (EX)GF SAYS: only Gay Boys and Scene Kids eat Veggie Burgers.


Is it because they really can’t stand meat, or it’ s a cool “lifestyle choice” ?


Personally, I just like the taste and I never feel gross or have a stomach ache after eating one. There is an AMAZING place on Commercial here in Vancouver where they serve the best veggie burgers ever. Wendy’s is pretty good too at 3 AM after the studio.


I know veggie burgers don’t sound as appetizing as what this dude is about to eat


But for the record, I do enjoy a bacon/beef/cheddar combination –  it’s just what happens if you eat them all the time….



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