POINT BREAK is widely considered one of the best Action Films EVER MADE.

point break blu-ray snapshot20080624132148

It stars the always unpredictable Keanu Reeves as cop turned undercover surfer JONNY UTAH sent to investigate a series of bank robberies pulled off by a group of masked hooligans called “The DEAD PRESIDENTS”.

point break

With his clever and deep investigation tactics, Jonny infiltrates the California surfing lifestyle and nails his prime suspect to ‘BODHI”, the leader of the surfer crew played by the magnificent PATRICK SWAYZE.


It’s an ADRENALINE RUSH from start to finish!


A brisk and effectively well written script keep this thriller moving forward! A well deserved nod goes to GARY BUSEY, as the always timely sidekick Pappas.


It also stars the electrifying chick from Tank Girl as Jonny’s love interest and surfing instructor.


Never has a movie had a more honest portrayal of bank robbing surfers chasing their addiction to thrills and living on the edge (via Aerosmith).

It’s as emotionally touching and uplifting as it is compelling and frank.


Point Break is simply and truly a classic of Epic grandeur and a landmark in American film.

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