I was thinking about how people are having kids nowadays. I’m lucky enough to work with some kids and it can be super excellent, but sometimes you develop a sense of sadness and sympathy for them because of the parents they were “blessed” with.

70 Bad Parenting

In many cases, I think the way they behave is not entirely their fault. I personally believe in certain cases they’re victims of BAD parenting Skillz… Then it got me thinking….do you plan on fucking up your kids after you have them? After all, their lives are based on your actions (or lack thereof) during the first decade they breath life.


For example, I think celebrity culture is super obsessed with kids because they are essentially giving birth to mini celebrities. Like, it’s assumed their spawn will be just as hot/talented/entertaining when they grow up as the parents are.

suri cruise

What about all the people who don’t make it – does that mean their kids will be “automatic failures?”


If the kids are growing up in the ghetto, does that mean they gonna do “hoodrat thangs”?

It seems they are generally in a shitty emotional state cuz their parents are not what i would call “the most responsible”.

bad_parenting_30But I have hope.

It’s weird…many of my friends have “become” Atheists cuz they don’t think there is anything out there controlling this experience we live.


I’ve tried to tell them it’s not like that tho – 4 REAL – and I know cuz I grew up in a Christian School.

Millwood 004 (876 x 584)

But I’m not a christian.

It’s just that I try and tell them we are all here for a purpose and that’s why you can NEVER LOSE. The same thing I tell the kids I work with.

Know Hope

I’ve engaged in tireless debates with numerous people over this, and I find that the ones rocking a more advanced education usually disagree.

Grad Students 2009

Uh oh.

Then I started thinking about being pregnant. What’s the deal with that!?

kakadu 001As a guy, I can only imagine it like this:

Being a woman, you are a FORCE of energy moving through this life searching for the ultimate way to duplicate your being to the world. After choosing an excellent role model/moral mirror of yourself (or by accident) you create a new ball of energy that grows within your stomach. You nurture this creation of spirit from within, until you release it upon the world. Then, you try and guide it with your best intentions back home to where you wanna go.

AM I totally OFF?




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