MY VEGAS TRIP (nutshellversion)

I was invited down to Las Vegas earlier this week by Ms Sherry St Germain. Sherry and I became close friends and musical muses over the past 6 months while jamming at Greenhouse studios and making incredible music together.


Because she’s so mega talented, she was asked by Cirque De Soleil to move to Vegas for the next year and perform in a brand new show soon to be announced.

Although it was sad to hear she was leaving, an agreement was reached allowing us not let our musical ambitions fall wayside, and therefore decided that numerous trips to Vegas would be arranged to keep the energy alive!


First of all, Vegas is crazy. I know some people hate it or whatever, but I really enjoyed myself. I mean, Sherry is like my sis now, and we basically hype each other up when we hang out so it feels like being on a constant sugar high, but I had SUCH A BLAST.

After checking out her new digs (which are quite cozy) we decided to go out to the strip on Friday. Sherry doesn’t drink, which made me feel like an alcoholic, but I didn’t care. We started at New York, New York and hit up this club called ROK.


The music was shiny! We danced, but mostly couldn’t stop laughing and taking photos. Somehow a conversation was struck up between us and some girls from LA. They were super nice and we ended up partying with them for a while.


Here is a pic with a chick (RHYMES) I met…i think her name was Liz. She’s a macktress (model/actress). She was teaching me how to do poses. Apparently how you look in your mind, isn’t actually HOW YOU LOOK…. I have MAD respect for people with that insight and talent ;P


Here is Sherry checkin’ out a dancer. I think she’s just bi-curious cuz she actually doesn’t SWING “that way”



But honestly, she was really cool. After enjoying their company, we departed and made our way to Diablos (i think) which smelled like a septic tank that had over flowed. The house band was playing Akon “Smack That” which translated surprisingly well live. I’m positive Akon would probably have been proud. …..and then we left.

I was quite hammered, so we went home and passed out.


The next day we explored Vegas a bit more but stayed away from the strip (which apparently all the locals hate). Sherry and I ventured with her friend Evie (who was verrry nice) to Lake Las Vegas and walked around a Farmers Market and resort. FYI – Las Vegas is a dessert, so everything you see in this pic is MAN MADE, including the lake.


We then made our way to the MUSIC STORE!! I was our goal to set up Sherry’s new home studio over the weekend. With 10 minutes to spare before Guitar Center closed, we arrived and purchased the cables we needed, plus the brand new MICROKORG (total IMPULSE buy) which left us both broke.


But at least we had the keyboard!

We headed back home, set up her studio (which looks flyyy as you can see) and JAMMED the night away!


Staying up all night + taking ridiculous photos =


This picture is rich with metaphorical depth!

On my final day, we woke up late to visit the outdoor pool and hot tub located in her gated community complex. As we were sunning ourselves (lol) Sherry received a call from the musical director of her Cirque show inviting us to come chill at a TOWER OF POWER concert.


We were all “OHHH HAILLL YESSS” and got ready quick, flying out the door to the South Point Casino, where the performance would take place.

Upon our arrival, it was revealed that our tickets were not together. Not to be deterred, a spot was scouted by the bar inside the amphitheater. We actuallyended up having a better view than most people and were joined by BB King’s drummer, as well as Dennis Chambers who is like, the greatest drummer ever.

We all danced around to funk music for 2 hours. It was CRAZY!


I used to bump Tower of Power during my 70’s FUNK phase, and it was amazing to see them perform live. Absolutely incredible musicians. Sorry about the out of foooooooooocus shot.

After the show ended, I somehow began talking to this black dude who had TWO wives, and an Audi SUV with RED RIMS. He invited us to a strip club with his posse and we followed.

SO RANDOM – – – I can’t remember the name of the strip club, but I walked into VIP and ordered a rum+coke. Sherry got *just* a coke, and somehow the bill came to $30 – – BUT HEY – It was VIP! One of the topless dancers and I got into a conversation but I can’t remember what it was about….

Sherry didn’t think the strippers were HATT, and I was indifferent, so we left and met up with some of the other musicians from Cirque. They took us to OLD LAS VEGAS, which I thought was wayyyy cooler than the strip. It looked more seedy, but the people were super nice.


One of the establishments had an open mic and a piano, so YOU KNOW we got all on that. Sherry killed it (as per usual) and although I played briefly, switched it up by playin’ drums on the top of the piano.

It was 4 AM by the time we got home, meaning I had to get on a plane to depart back to Van in 2 hours.

I slept on the couch for a bit before making my way to the airport, and here I am relaying the story to YALL as we descend into Vancouver.

Vegas was SOOOO FUNNNN, and I can’t wait to come back. I’m especially surprised at how nice everyone was. I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal cuz it’s a touristy town and all, but I’m constantly reminded of how snobby people are in Vancouver when out partying, so it was a nice change of pace.

You can bet it will not be long before I find myself flying back to Sin City.

But 4 now, the work begins. I’m REALLY looking forward to tackling the next few months!



p.s check out Sherry online:



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