EVERYONE HAS TATTOOS NOWADAYS! –  and for the longest time, I also wanted to get one. I know it’s not exactly a new concept, but something to me is appealing about having art on your body that will last a lifetime. This also happens to be my DILEMMA. I can’t for the life of me choose something that I think will be cool 20-30 years from now…. I don’t have kids yet, so I’m not getting my daughters name, and I sure as hell am not getting “mom” (even tho I love my mom). I just haven’t  found a piece of art that I believe elevates my body….what am I left to do?

Even these pigs are inked up!

pigs-tattoo-lgI actually read a recent article talking about how it’s rebellious NOT to get a tattoo nowadays, cuz everyone has one. I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t care if I rocked one or not, so that’s not really my issue….again, I just can’t think of something that would be cool enough to settle on. I just don’t wanna regret it….I already know some people (*ahem Farshad) who have made hasty tattoo decisions…..but I’ll leave that story for another day.

With that in mind, here are some tattoo’s I found that I’m almost 100% positive will cause regret.


This guy may never have a girlfriend.

Amazing face tattoo.6

How would you describe this concept to your artist?…..


Drawn by a 3 year old?….




Funny cowbelly tattoo.2

How creative! A dolphin chillin’ on a reclining chair takin’ a mad bong hit!




Ok sorry 4 that one….I was just so disturbed that I had to share…..what about a tat of ODB, or your stubbed arm turned into a toe?

Tattoo 01

I’m assuming any of these would probably cause just A LITTLE regret…(aka partick swayze half man/half horse)


In memory of tattoos…..they are an excellent concept IN THEORY.


Or you could be a corporate sponsor!

Tattoo 4

Yah, anyway you get the idea…..4 the record, a lot of my friends have incredible tattoos that I believe represent a perfect balance of style and art, and cause me a bit of jealousy (just because i can’t think of my own) but anything I have posted here should probably not have been inked up. But who am I to judge? Maybe it’s incredibly meaningful to it’s owner.



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