Really amazing and educational video!

4 the record! A lot of people hate on Kanye cuz they think he’s “stealing” other peoples music and making money off of it.

A couple things:

1. You have to pay to use the sample

2. You are re-interpreting the song in a completely new way that in many cases sounds reminiscent of the original, but still is unto itself, an original and new thing.

3. He is re-wrtiting vocals melodies and lyrics over top many of the samples that are all his own – and in some cases just as catchy as the original.

4. He’s introducing a younger audience to amazing classic tracks and artists that are worth hearing. If it were not for Kanye sampling them, these songs may have never been picked up upon by a younger generation.

Blah blah blah – that’s all


p.s. – sampling is fun



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