633597096234069913-paranoiaOH NO – PARANOIA!

Does it ever creep up on you? In many cases, I believe it can govern the decisions we make in our lives. Although sometimes difficult, I prefer not to live life “fear-based”, or paranoid.

It’s SO much STRESS!!

nm_paranoia_081112_mnSome people let the voices and worries in their head affect their perspective . It’s probably hard not to when you’re constantly creating new scenarios of disaster and failure….or always worrying what others will think of you.


PARANOIA is also a good name for a shitty 80’s metal band!

mb_promoBut I digress….

IMO – Worrying is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you ANYWHERE (Van Wilder/Chris Kossowan)


Here is a weird picture:1207926688-ZF


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