sloth3With things so busy, it’s been hard to post all I’ve wanted to say lately. I’ve mostly just resorted to Youtube vids, and short entries. The SEX-ED video/docu-drama is going very well, and should be finished SOOOON. We did a photo shoot today (which was REXcellent) and we are currently working on a REMIX in our Greenhouse Studio Space.

ALSO, we have a show coming up. It’s 99% confirmed. Wait till it’s 100% and I’ll reveal the time and location. HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT?

4 now, enjoy some pictures of Sloths. They are the world’s laziest animal.


4 some reason, I used to fear them…..


But then I accepted their docile nature, and the fear began to fade.

Smiling Sloth hanging from a tree

Hurry! Move before you get hit!


Awwww, I just wanna chill with this one….


Finally, human and sloth can live in Harmony…




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