TROLL-BANK-GR1So I decided to stop cutting my hair a little while ago, and I think I’ve officially entered that super awkward phase where I’m beginning to look like a disaster. Luckily, I’ve accepted this as a necessary step in the process, and am okay with it. Go to hell Farshad….I don’t care what you think.


It is kinda cool to wake up in the morning and not have any idea how it’s going to turn out. It’s the prefect element of surprise to start your day! It got me thinking tho…who else looks like a Troll Doll?

looks_like_10“You’re in trouble mister!”

Then, I started thinking about people who just look like things in general….



I actually believe it’s “spiritually enlightening” that MJ looks like a historical Egyptian sphynx.

looks_like_5Alas, my favorite would have to be Posh Spice….just because Falcor is the FLYEST dog ever (Get It!!??)

looks_like_3They just don’t make kids movies like they used to ….



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