Have you ever stopped and wondered what goes into a song lyrically? As someone who is writing lyrics constantly, I have been striving to master the art of conjuring up memorable verbalism….

So what’s better? Shallow super simple catchy lyrics, or overly descriptive forgettable phrases?

Let’s do some lyrical comparisons.

I think it’s safe to say that Bob Dylan probably goes down in history as having some of the best lyrics ever.


Bob Dylan was first hailed as a writer of protest anthems, and burst onto the scene with one of his most famous songs….something that people (lyrically ) got behind in the 1960’s. The times they are a changin”

This is prolly my fave verse –

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin’.
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’.

Now let’s compare him to his contemporary. Someone who could probably get as many people in a stadium….Akon


Akon is from Afirica, and he was “Locked Up”. If anyone knows hardships and cultural divide, it would be Akon.

Check out the lyrics from one of his more embraced records, “Smack That”

I think lyrically, the song really shines in the pre-chorus:

I feel you creeping on, I can see you from my shadow
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo
Maybe go to my place and just kick it like tai-bo
and possibly bend you over

It drives home the point that anyone up against a cultural barrier can overcome, without compromising ones integrity.

What song is more fun to sing in the mall while shopping for socks?


Bob Dylan or Akon?


Songs that lyrically put you in a good mood!



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