So it’s officially been like 3 months since I got a haircut, but that got me thinking. What if one day I wake up, and don’t actually need a haircut? OR WORSE – what if I wake up, and ONLY the back of my head needs a haircut (via the Skullett)…

mulletmodif_skulletIt’s true! One of man’s worse fears is going bald. And rightfully so….your hair is your power! (just ask Samson from Biblical times in Judges 16:1-31)

The question is, what do you do when you start to lose it all?


The number one thing is to ACCEPT YOUR FATE, and then learn how to ROCK IT.

There are many different styles you can showcase.

The most obvious is the combover.

midlife crisis (9)Maybe you don’t want to lose everything all at once!

Listen – it may be hard to fathom, but I recommend just shaving it alllll off!…otherwise, you can end up looking downright “dreadful”. (LOL PUN)


You could spearhead something really cutting edge! This guy is NOT pulling that off BTW.


Keep in mind, the “Rocky Horror” is an iconic look!


If it’s just in the front, and you’re still sporting a large golden maine, you could substitute the missing hair under your nose! (handle bar stache not included)


Just try not to look like an asshole.


First hand experience.

It’s really all about your attitude (as is everything in life I think)

That said, some people will go to whatever lengths necessary to get it back!

For all the dudes going bald, this is your inspiration.


Personally, I’m safe (for now)



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