The primary ingredient in sound absorbing goodness – Roxul Safe and Sound Insulation… available at your local home depot!


Here I’m assembling the back frame out of wood…  screw, staple, nail and glue.. whatever holds it together.   Size is totally up to the builder’s preference.


Cutting wood with a small knife saw is laborious (sic)….  Use a power tool if available!


After the frame is solid, black burlap is attached (stapled) to create a back surface for the sound absorber.


This picture shows the guts of the bass trap design.  A large piece of black burlap is laid on the floor followed by insulation cut to size and laid on top.  The backer frame is then rested on top of the insulation and the burlap (from the floor) is pulled up tight and stapled to the wooden frame.


Here the trap is almost complete.  It takes a bit of tweaking to get the burlap even and tightly stapled. Note: You’ll most likely end up trimming off excess fabric to get everything looking neat..  For full details, check out this dude’s DIY video on Youtube (this is what inspired me) :

Stay tuned for pics of our studio spac displaying their sound absorbing capabilities!



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