Check out this trailer for the upcoming movie documenting Lil Wayne.

They caught him drinking cough syrup!

I think making a documentary on music (ROCKUMENTARY) is a difficult and personal thing IF the desired effect is to be timeless and revealing (much like making a great song).

The question is, how personal do you wanna go? Do you want people to know EVERYTHING, and then risk having more h8ers, than fans?




Remember Metallic’s Some Kind of Monster?

To me, it exposed the fact that Metalllica have endured some major trials over the course of their lengendary career. It also revealed that Dave Mustaine is really emotional, Lars has a Dad that looks like Gandalf, and that James can’t really sing without some major pro-tools pitch correction.

Still love you Metallica.


Out of all of the ROCKUMENTARIES, my personal favorite is DIG.

Dig is dope because it was shot over a 7 year period and documented rival bands The Dandy Warhols, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

It was stunning to witness such a talented dude (BJM singer Anton Newcombe) literally destroy every opportunity that was given to him. Bonus points when he fights his band at a showcase!

Anyway, the reason I was pondering all of this is because we here at SEX-ED have MOUNTAINS of footage we are readying for release. Altho it documents some pretty crazy shit that has happened during the past couple years, I sometimes think I should throw Farshad through a window or something just to give it that extra edge.

Or maybe I’ll light Anthony’s pro-tools gear on fire…..during a showcase……

Wouldn’t it be perfect for our ROCKUMENTARY?



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