PandaPS2Okay Okay, so for those who don’t know, I am OBSESSED with video games. I’ve been studying EGM and Gamepro since my parents graced me with Mario/Duck Hunt for my 5th Bday, and I pride myself with secretly knowing the ins and outs of the videogame industry. If I didn’t love music so much, I would probably work for a gaming company. Infact, when I was 15, I showed up on Bioware’s doorstep in Edmonton and asked for a job.


That said, when Playstation first came out, I was a H8ER! I had an N64, and my loyalty to Nintendo blinded me from the mad amount of dope games that Sony was rocking at the time. That all changed when my best friend Nathan got a PS1 for his Bday and I played a demo od PARAPPA THA RAPPA.

This suddenly changed my world….and keep in mind, it was only a demo. The other game his parents bought was Coolboarders 2, which at the time was pretty cool, but now….not so much.

SO, for my upcoming bday, I pursuaded my Dad to buy me a PS1. HE DID, and showed up with a brand new wrapped copy of Crash Bandicoot.

crash bandicoot

FUCK THAT SHIT – That game is LAME.

I promptly returned to the store and purchased a double disced copy of a game that would shape and change my young adolescents. Resident Evil 2.



Nathan and I had (reluctantly) played Resident Evil 1 for the first time ever only a couple weeks prior and this game had JUST HIT THE SHELVES.

Better Graphics! New Locations! Scarier monsters!

resident-evil-monsters-vs-movie-monsters-06-430-75This was what Resident Evil was all about, and benchmarked a completely new gaming experience for the survival horror genre. This game was ACTUALLY SCARY to play…well, I was like 13 or 14, but still.

During that summer, we brought the PS1 to Nathan’s lake cabin in Saskatchewan and played this game at night.

I’m attaching a couple you tube vids of the lead up to the final boss in the game. I distinctly remember finally beating him shortly after midnight. All the lights were turned out as Nathan, Chris and I were glued to the television….

Isn’t it funny how whenever you go to a new location, it switches to the door opening screen (to load the next level)? I thought it created suspense at the time, but it was probably just implemented because of technical limitations…ANYWAY – Here is a vid depicting the FINAL BOSS. Skip to the 6:00 minute mark to watch it all go down.

Whoever is playing knows what’s up, but it’s kinda cheap that he has an unlimited rocket launcher. It was mos def not that easy when I played it, and fighting zombies on fixed camera angles is a bitch…whatevs….I’ll always love you Resident Evil 2.



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