You may not have heard America, but you have HEARD America.

They’re the classic band that seem to have written a song for every situation. Whether you’re travelling open highway, reminiscing about lovers past, trying to seduce someone, or riding on a horse in a desert, America has a SONG 4 YOU!

Lets start with arguably their biggest hit – Ventura Highway. Picture it! You’re ripping down the the open road with the sun (or a joint) blazing.

I think Janet Jackson ripped the riff…it was THAT DOPE.

janet-jackson-fat-2Alright, you just got out of your car at the nearest equestrian center. You’re planning on going for a bit of a horse back ride….AMERICA HAS THE PERFECT TRACK FOR THAT TOO!

I think they got some flack on this one cuz the singer was really biting Neil Young’s style.


But fuck em….this song is crazy and I wouldn’t wanna ride my horse to anything else!


Uh Oh, you’ve just been dumped by the love of your life….unable to comprehend the pain, you’re beside yourself with emotion.



And finally, you have this super hot chick (or dude) over to your place. Normally, at this point you would be rocking some Sade, Anita Baker, or possibly New Kids on The Block….throw all that out the WINDOW.

Throw in this jam!

Ok…..so i couldn’t get the original version – but don’t let the dude’s accent singing this put you off. Singing about Muskrat’s hooking it up is a total musical aphrodisiac!

aphrodisiac_banana_gallery--gt_full_width_landscapeAmerica have proved their staying power decades later, and are inspiring because of it!

Good job, America!



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