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We here at H-O-T-L-I-N-E and SEX-ED are mega excited! Next week, our SUPER FRIEND Sherry St. Germain goes to radio! Her first single is called GET STONED!

She will be playing on the radio everywhere (starting in Canada) if all goes well. She’s already been killing the Edmonton air-waves where she’s garnered over 300 spins on the new radio station Hot 107 (who were just named best station in North America).

Hot 107 Program Director Russell James goes on to say:

“Sherry defies all things average…her music is beyond cutting edge…her voice is stunning and songwriting, epic. “Get Stoned” is one the best radio songs I have ever heard….we play it in heavy rotation on the new Hot 107 in Edmonton, and it continues to be one of the most asked about songs by both listeners and industry people.”

Sherry is mega talented!

Check out her dope rendition of Radiohead’s RECKONER!

If you dig her, make your way over to CDBaby or Itunes, and buy her new album Kick Out The Lights!



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