Someone has been mysteriously tagging all the dumpsters in our neighbourhood with the name ” TOAD”.   Just who is TOAD?  Is he a mysterious teen rebel lashing out at society?  Is he a legendary crusader for social justice? The Super Mario Brothers character?  Or could he be the real deal… a reptile with heightened intelligence !?   Well, for today, the mystery of “TOAD” remains a secret ….   Lets see if you can decipher any clues…

Apparently “TOAD” lives…. we can thus assume that he is active and wants attention drawn to his/her cause….  can’t spot a website tho…

I somehow doubt this lovable character is the culprit….

Here we caught “TOAD” in the act on 2 different days … but we couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face! F–K!

This guy is OUT of CONTROL!?    Could “TOAD” be a underground movement led by this creepy joker??

Frustrating isn’t it….



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