Ryan Dahle is one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. He’s super chill, down to earth, and probably has one of the most incredible recording spaces I’ve seen. His new album and single are D O P E .

If you were a kid growing up in Canada during the later 90’s, you probably rocked out to this:

Remote Control was all over Much Music – back when they actually played vids…..Shout Outs to Rick Campenelli!

Canadian excellence emerged once again after Ryan’s other band Limblifter dropped this track….I remember being in grade 10 and getting down to this on a Friday night.


Ryan has consistently released some of the best Canadian rock music over the past decade….He deserves a high five!

Check out his new record Irrational Anthems which you can BUY on iTunes.

You can also dig the old Age of Electric and Limblifter stuff which will be available starting TODAY.. .





One Response to “RYAN DAHLE – CHOP CHOP”

  1. I saw him play with Limblifter at Sookefest 2000. That guy is unreal, love his music. Nice shout out for mid to late 90s canadian rock … Now if only there was a shoutout to Sandbox sometime in the future

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