When I was between the ages of 17 – 22, I developed a thing for older women. Besides sharing an attraction, I felt like I could comfortably hang out with them and have a really good time. I also began learning information about the opposite sex that would ultimately make me a better catch for future girlfriends. They loved the fact that I was interested and willing to learn…you could say we made a excellent match (no strings attached).

I realized that just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you can’t have  fun. Infact, I found 30+ women to be WAY MORE FUN than a lot of the girls I was hanging out with during that period around my age. They weren’t interested in games, and made it known that shit like that wouldn’t be tolerated (lol). In the end, I was lucky enough to share space with some females who had truly made it on their own. Women who had vision, ambition, and drive.

They taught me to be secure in myself, and that focus and determination were sexy. Honesty, compassion and communication were the most important aspects to anything, and overall gave me an appreciation for a capable and energetic female.

{click for Wednesdays song}

For all the advice I am truly thankful….



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