Who wants to be normal nowadays anyway?

Why not just try and become “weird-cool”?

Think about it –  when Lady Gaga first came out, she wasn’t THAT weird. She wasn’t really that much different than any other dance-pop chick. She even had Colby o’ Donnis on the track….do you remember him? Exactly.

As an amalgamation of all that had come before her, she became the new face of pop. Then, as her singles slowly climbed the charts and she began to infiltrate and dominate mainstream culture, she went decidedly weirder. This escalated and peaked (imo) with a memorable outfit that looked like she had just been enjoyably beaten in a basement for the last 3 days. She rocked that shit on the carpet!

Good for you Lady Gaga….you weirdness has become and enduring staple……

But what about truly weird people who don’t have a chance at ever being cool?

What about people who use unfounded techniques to justify their weirdness?

What about people who do things that appear to be weird just so they can, and not cause they’re ACTUALLY weird.

Calculated weirdness perhaps?….

But isn’t that an oxymoron? It’s like, truly insane people don’t actually know they’re insane (silence of the lambs style).

Almost like weird fashion that tries so hard to be weird, it’s not even fashionable…..or practical.

Are the truly weird aware?

{click for Thursdays song}

What kind of weird are you?



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