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The final night spent in L.A. was probably the most enjoyable, simply because copious amounts of alcohol were involved, and we found ourselves at a super dope hotel rooftop party. It was straight out of an Entourage episode! Props go out to our friend Benjamin who invited us out. We were mucho impressed with his hotel room, which sported a mirror/television/stereo system hybrid. Nothing beats pumping your record full blast and jumping on the hotel beds!


The people were amazing as well, and the party continued into the wee hours of the morning. Props to the two girls we met from London who taught us how to say “literally” with a British accent, and once again to our friend Benjamin, who is dope in his own right. We had just enough time to stumble home and sleep for 2 hours before we dragged ourselves to the airport to catch our 8 AM flight home.

img_2425 Yes L.A. – we will be back





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WE WENT TO MEXICO!!! K, not really, but Santi Alley is basically like going to Mexico without leaving L.A….Located in the heart of downtown, Santi Alley provides all the amenities of your average shanti sized traders market without having to cross the border. Granted, it’s a little bit nicer than it’s ghetto Mexican counterparts – but not by much.

Where else can you bargain for baseball hats (3 for 10!) or unreleased pirated DVD’s (6 for 20!)? I was gonna purchase the new Wolverine movie off the street, and it doesn’t even come out till MAY!!!! Here is a pic of Farshad getting an amazing deal from this wall of cologne.


Personally, I kept my cool through all the Diesels, True Religions, and fake Prada till we hit up this really dope sneaker shop. Farshad and I bargained with the dude, and now I’m the proud owner of these fffresh new Supras! Farshad also scored a pair of Purple Supras, and some Creative Rec’s…..


Earlier that day, before south of the border shopping, we visited Paramount studios in Santa Monica! It’s dubbed “The Cave” cuz it looks like (dun dun duhhhh) a Cave. The tracking room is giant, and I suck at getting pictures, so all ya’ll get to see is the window into the main studio. My bad.

img_2300 We did manage to get a pic with the SSL tho.


Still gotta talk about last nights adventures, but we need to hit up Venice Beach today cuz we leave tomorrow :(… till then.



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LOL we’ll have a good story for tomorrow.


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Today happened to be my favorite day thus far In L.A. simply because we accomplished most of what we came to. We scouted out potential studios to work from!!! To describe this day as “totally dope” would be selling it short…seriously.


Me with a giant Neve console at The Village.

Our tour began early in the morning with The Village. It’s a multi-level converted Masonic temple that’s basically responsible for some of the biggest records you have ever heard in your life. My faves include everything from Steely Dan – Can’t Buy A Thrill, to Dr. Dre – The Chronic. Did I mention Fleetwood Mac did all their biggest albums there? K, how about Gwen Stefani, and The Smashing Pumpkins….you get the picture. It was incredible to tour all the rooms, and I found it encouraging that the main studio rented for ONLY $2400/day…..and you know Money Aint a THANG!…lol, Here’s a pic of Santa Monica off of the roof top.


The second place we hit up was Henson Studios (formally A&M) which we didn’t realize was actually JIM HENSON Studios. Peep Farshad in front of the sign (which we were not actually aloud to take a picture of, so SHHHHH…..)


We met with the incredibly nice Jaime who showed us around all the rooms, and was cool enough to share some amazing stories from her 10+ year engineering career. This room was prolly my fave there. It’s a mighty SSL in front of a giant tracking room. We will mos def be coming back to Henson to do some tracking!! Dig it!


Finally, we headed over to Conway Studios. I loved the vibe of this place! It’s like a jungle in the front, with giant palm trees and wildlife. We walked into a giant SSL room to find some sick keyboards set up. Farshad sat at the console and I snapped a pic.


As soon as that happened, this dude walked in and started up a conversation. Turned out it was his studio that day, and all the keyboards belonged to him as well…it also turned out his name was Dr. Luke. He’s responsible for some pretty big radio hits including the new Flo-Rida track (Right Round) as well as the better tracks off the new Britney Spears record (Lace and Leather). I gave him a high five for his valiance and we left him alone cuz he was working on something that sounded pretty dope….Thanks for being so cool, Dr. Luke! He also mentioned that this particular room was his favorite studio in L.A.

Tomorrow, our tour continues, as we visit Paramount Studios in Santa Monica….Can’t wait!! L.A. is my new inspiration. I’ve decided this is the next step! Our quest to change music one hit at a time continues!!



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Beware of the creepy mannequins at the Prada store! They caught my eye, so I had to get a photo. Infact, I was totally digging Prada until a sales associate walked up and politely asked me to stop taking pictures. I already felt like a Japanese tourist (no disrespect) so I obliged, but I managed to get some good shots. I look forward to the day when I return and drop a couple G’zzzz on some shirts and a pair of shoes. Oh yes… will be mine…….(Wayne’s World reference).

They’re so creative!!! You have to look down to see their current luggage collection!


They were NOT PLEASED that I managed to get this picture of Farshad.


But enough about them! We made our way over to Gucci (who were much nicer BTW) and shopped around a bit more. Fuck paying these high prices!! SEX-ED is going to be sponsored by Gucci…mark my words. I will rock everything fresh off the runway! My fave piece of clothing in the store happened to be this jacket. I managed to snap a pic before I was (once again) asked to stop!….


Yes, it’s pink and yes – it’s FFFRESH – I wanna wear this jacket while I’m making a beat!!! I know it would inspire me to create something as flyyy as the jacket itself. In the future, you will hear a SEX-ED track that will change your perception of reality, and it will probably be because I was rocking this jacket while it was imagined and executed!

Now…..I’ve had the pleasure of working in retail myself, and it’s probably one of the most boring, soul sucking experiences I’ve partaken in (and I dig fashion!) So I wondered to myself….if you work at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive (the Gucci mecca, so to speak), does it mean retail life is any better??? I have concluded that the answer is a most definite NO.

Alas, I will return to Rodeo Drive in the future when the time is right….


Only this time I’ll hit up Versace cuz it won’t be closed. And they’ll know I’m coming, cuz they’ll have read it here first!!!



L.A. GEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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We got some studios lined up this week that we’re going to visit, including The Village (can’t wait for that!!!!!). Today, we decided to hit up Melrose and Sunset. I’ll keep the entry short, and let the pics speak for themselves.img_2098

My future residence atop the Hollywood Hills….

We visited my uncles store on Melrose, which is just as dope as his store on Granville Street in Vancouver.


Even though I’m a huge supporter of my uncles shoes, I’m a huge sneaker head, and Farshad took us to one of the dopest stores on Melrose. Flyyy Sneakers as far as the eyes can see…..


Yes, Anthony is modeling authentic L.A. Gear’s !!! (he looks unimpressed tho)


After the store, we headed onto the Sunset Strip!


Finally, we have decided to convert to Scientology…..well, I have anyway…..Farshad still isn’t into it.


Don’t worry L. Ron, our potential WILL BE UNLEASHED!!!

Download Vol.1 if you havn’t yet!



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So we stormed this hookah place in L.A. cuz Farshad is Persian and if you don’t smoke hookah once a week, it’s BAD LUCK. This was a hookah experience unlike any other due to the black lights and blaring hip hop music. If there wasn’t strobe effects shooting off the ceiling, and endless Lil’ Wayne blasting throughout the building, you would have sworn you were chillin’ in your high school cafeteria. Peep this shot of Anthony lookin’ all GANGSTA.

img_20362No, not weed….

We got up bright and early this morning and did some prep for the album launch this week (BE EXCITED) before hitting the beach! All 3 of us hopped in the *PT CRUISER* and drove down to Newport Beach. I am really digging California- the sprawling hills – sunshine – pornstar looking women – sunshine – pornstar looking women – and sunshine! I needed to buy a pair of shorts 4 REAL cuz I was sweating my ass off. Farshad came prepared tho –


We had the camera going for most of the day also. Farshad is actually taping dolphins off the peer (I’M SERIOUS!)


I found a friend too! He was chillin’ on the rock underneath the dock (dope ryhme)


I have named him Russell. We had a conversation on camera, but you’ll have to wait till we upload that to see how it all went down.


Cali is my new favorite place.


I couldn’t imagine being in a better spot while Volume 1 drops this week.

Tomorrow, we hit up L.A.