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Posted in Stizzudios on December 8, 2009 by sexedmusic

Last week we spent 4 days working out of Greenhouse Studio B here in Vancouver. We had a blast and can’t wait to return! Obviously, it features a pretty large SSL console, but also rocks some pretty slick gear.

The room is run and engineered by Chris “Hollywood” Holmes. This guy is a BEAST. Not only is he pretty hilarious and fun to work with, but he’s packing the fastest pro-tools fingers I have ever seen….He’s like a super robot!

His knowledge is quite impressive as well. It was a true pleasure to work with him!

The studio also sports a spacious tracking room, and separated vocal booth. We tracked some live percussion, but Anthony used it as our second studio while working on extra production elements for the track we were cooking up.

Greenhouse studio B – An ideal situation to write, record, and mix!

Bitches and blow not included. Check out the Greenhouse website for more info HERE




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On Friday, we mastered our latest remix with Alex DeGrace at Suite Sound labs. He mos def made the track slam even harder after we finished with it.

Thanks Alex!

If you ever need anything mastered in the Vancouver area, look up SuiteSound Labs



Posted in Stizzudios on October 14, 2009 by sexedmusic


This room is strictly for vocals!


It comes with a one-of-a-kind custom mini Neve console, with 1066 pre-amp/EQ’s! Whoa!


Out of the Neve, We’re running the mic into a vintage URI 1176 compressor.


The mic is a Neumann U-87 !

A simple and effective setup.

Cool huh?



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The gang is back to work tonight in the studio. this is a quick photo update to test out blog posting from an iPhone. Here is a photo of Anthony’s friend Jordan visiting from Vic,

– Austin D (Official Sex-Ed entourage member/part time blogger)


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Today happened to be my favorite day thus far In L.A. simply because we accomplished most of what we came to. We scouted out potential studios to work from!!! To describe this day as “totally dope” would be selling it short…seriously.


Me with a giant Neve console at The Village.

Our tour began early in the morning with The Village. It’s a multi-level converted Masonic temple that’s basically responsible for some of the biggest records you have ever heard in your life. My faves include everything from Steely Dan – Can’t Buy A Thrill, to Dr. Dre – The Chronic. Did I mention Fleetwood Mac did all their biggest albums there? K, how about Gwen Stefani, and The Smashing Pumpkins….you get the picture. It was incredible to tour all the rooms, and I found it encouraging that the main studio rented for ONLY $2400/day…..and you know Money Aint a THANG!…lol, Here’s a pic of Santa Monica off of the roof top.


The second place we hit up was Henson Studios (formally A&M) which we didn’t realize was actually JIM HENSON Studios. Peep Farshad in front of the sign (which we were not actually aloud to take a picture of, so SHHHHH…..)


We met with the incredibly nice Jaime who showed us around all the rooms, and was cool enough to share some amazing stories from her 10+ year engineering career. This room was prolly my fave there. It’s a mighty SSL in front of a giant tracking room. We will mos def be coming back to Henson to do some tracking!! Dig it!


Finally, we headed over to Conway Studios. I loved the vibe of this place! It’s like a jungle in the front, with giant palm trees and wildlife. We walked into a giant SSL room to find some sick keyboards set up. Farshad sat at the console and I snapped a pic.


As soon as that happened, this dude walked in and started up a conversation. Turned out it was his studio that day, and all the keyboards belonged to him as well…it also turned out his name was Dr. Luke. He’s responsible for some pretty big radio hits including the new Flo-Rida track (Right Round) as well as the better tracks off the new Britney Spears record (Lace and Leather). I gave him a high five for his valiance and we left him alone cuz he was working on something that sounded pretty dope….Thanks for being so cool, Dr. Luke! He also mentioned that this particular room was his favorite studio in L.A.

Tomorrow, our tour continues, as we visit Paramount Studios in Santa Monica….Can’t wait!! L.A. is my new inspiration. I’ve decided this is the next step! Our quest to change music one hit at a time continues!!