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Shout outs to Jonas and Jeanette! You guys threw a really great Christmas party.

I Drank too much of this and became a kind of a disaster:

Yaya –




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I’ve never actually had one, but they do look rather tasty….



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There is something magical about a Christmas Party.

Technically, it’s the only time of year where it’s completely justifiable to get hammered around your family/co-workers and drop all your inhibitions. ANYTHING can happen at a (staff) Christmas party.

One drink leads to another, and you’re suddenly participating in 20 person karaoke!

Watch out ! Susan from accounting is getting too close!

This years party will be the one where everyone finally realizes what you’re made of!

Whatever happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party.



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Why, what a nice Zorse you have!

I’ve always wanted a really cool exotic pet. Owning an out of the ordinary creature to train and command is something that is both appealing and challenging.

He looks cool, but he may injure/kill you if you gets to close!

I believe that if your pet is out of the ordinary, you need to constantly create new methods of punishment if they exibit disobedience.

Like, you’ve been bad! Get in the fridge!

I once heard a story about a girl who loved her snake so much that she used to sleep with it beside her bed. One morning she woke up and the snake was laying next to her at body length. This continued to happen on a daily basis. Then, for no reason whatsoever, the snake stopped eating….Feeling concerned, the girl brought her snake to the vet. It turned it stopped eating because it was sizing her up and planning to eat her……


My sexy GF (who is halfway across the world) just got a new pet. His name is Hootie and he’s a turtle.

At first, I could tell she was really excited. She went on and on about how much she loved him and was thrilled at his ability to blow bubbles in his tank and swim in a circle – until he escaped and made a big mess all over her room (and tried to bite her).

She confided in me that now all she really wants is to whip him off the balcony like a frisby.

Baby Don’t! Be Nice!

Even is he smells!!!

I just really wanna train my pets to do fun things!



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When I was between the ages of 17 – 22, I developed a thing for older women. Besides sharing an attraction, I felt like I could comfortably hang out with them and have a really good time. I also began learning information about the opposite sex that would ultimately make me a better catch for future girlfriends. They loved the fact that I was interested and willing to learn…you could say we made a excellent match (no strings attached).

I realized that just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you can’t have  fun. Infact, I found 30+ women to be WAY MORE FUN than a lot of the girls I was hanging out with during that period around my age. They weren’t interested in games, and made it known that shit like that wouldn’t be tolerated (lol). In the end, I was lucky enough to share space with some females who had truly made it on their own. Women who had vision, ambition, and drive.

They taught me to be secure in myself, and that focus and determination were sexy. Honesty, compassion and communication were the most important aspects to anything, and overall gave me an appreciation for a capable and energetic female.

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For all the advice I am truly thankful….



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This is a new group made up by some artists that have been around for quite some time, but still have not MADE IT.

I mean, they made it cuz their doing music 4 a living, but haven’t made it because they sold 20 million records and fly around in a private jet.

Example! Res (pronounced REESE) is a singer who I first gravitated towards back in the day when she dropped this killer track called “They Say Vision”. DIG IT!

This song was actually co-written with now famous Santigold.

Alas, mainstream tastes were not as progressive at that time, and it failed to catch on….so then she dissapeared.

Now, take Talib Kweli. He’s a super lyrical hip hop beast who is prolly best known 4 this track (produced by Kanye).

I assume he must be thinking conscious rap ain’t payin’ tha bills no more….or he’s trying to have a good time now. Either way, their rocking it together….

Personally, I would get down to it on a Friday night.



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Waking up in the morning on a Saturday without a care in the world. No expectations. No direction, No time limit.

Being 11 was kinda fun.

But then suddenly one morning, you spring to life and decide that aimlessly wafting through existence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

You’ve been struck by a lightning bolt of limitless vision! Take what you know you’re supposed to do and beat the world over the head with it!

It’s time to do some damage….

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Do you know what you’re capable of?