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Why, what a nice Zorse you have!

I’ve always wanted a really cool exotic pet. Owning an out of the ordinary creature to train and command is something that is both appealing and challenging.

He looks cool, but he may injure/kill you if you gets to close!

I believe that if your pet is out of the ordinary, you need to constantly create new methods of punishment if they exibit disobedience.

Like, you’ve been bad! Get in the fridge!

I once heard a story about a girl who loved her snake so much that she used to sleep with it beside her bed. One morning she woke up and the snake was laying next to her at body length. This continued to happen on a daily basis. Then, for no reason whatsoever, the snake stopped eating….Feeling concerned, the girl brought her snake to the vet. It turned it stopped eating because it was sizing her up and planning to eat her……


My sexy GF (who is halfway across the world) just got a new pet. His name is Hootie and he’s a turtle.

At first, I could tell she was really excited. She went on and on about how much she loved him and was thrilled at his ability to blow bubbles in his tank and swim in a circle – until he escaped and made a big mess all over her room (and tried to bite her).

She confided in me that now all she really wants is to whip him off the balcony like a frisby.

Baby Don’t! Be Nice!

Even is he smells!!!

I just really wanna train my pets to do fun things!


WOW THIS LOOKS _________________

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Farshad thinks it’s cuz of this…..



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Yesterday was really hard to explain or describe, but I feel that for sake of professionalism, I shouldn’t elaborate on what happened until we finish this project.

Let’s just say it had to do with a combination of a really expensive studio


Throat Singing

and Canadian 80’s monsters Honeymoon Suite

I’m super open minded, but…..yikes?



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Someone has been mysteriously tagging all the dumpsters in our neighbourhood with the name ” TOAD”.   Just who is TOAD?  Is he a mysterious teen rebel lashing out at society?  Is he a legendary crusader for social justice? The Super Mario Brothers character?  Or could he be the real deal… a reptile with heightened intelligence !?   Well, for today, the mystery of “TOAD” remains a secret ….   Lets see if you can decipher any clues…

Apparently “TOAD” lives…. we can thus assume that he is active and wants attention drawn to his/her cause….  can’t spot a website tho…

I somehow doubt this lovable character is the culprit….

Here we caught “TOAD” in the act on 2 different days … but we couldn’t catch a glimpse of his face! F–K!

This guy is OUT of CONTROL!?    Could “TOAD” be a underground movement led by this creepy joker??

Frustrating isn’t it….