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This guy hails from my hometown, and does a good job name dropping all the local hot spots while capturing the vibe.




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Used to play this track when I was 12/13. It was on the Dazed and Confused Soundtrack!

I gotta find a female vocalist that can pull this stuff off! I’m putting it out there………..



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This is a new group made up by some artists that have been around for quite some time, but still have not MADE IT.

I mean, they made it cuz their doing music 4 a living, but haven’t made it because they sold 20 million records and fly around in a private jet.

Example! Res (pronounced REESE) is a singer who I first gravitated towards back in the day when she dropped this killer track called “They Say Vision”. DIG IT!

This song was actually co-written with now famous Santigold.

Alas, mainstream tastes were not as progressive at that time, and it failed to catch on….so then she dissapeared.

Now, take Talib Kweli. He’s a super lyrical hip hop beast who is prolly best known 4 this track (produced by Kanye).

I assume he must be thinking conscious rap ain’t payin’ tha bills no more….or he’s trying to have a good time now. Either way, their rocking it together….

Personally, I would get down to it on a Friday night.



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“Songs for the Deaf” by Queens of the Stone Age is one of my favorite albums to DRUM along with. It also features an array of crazy/cool/distinct guitar tones coupled with high energy song executions!

This is prolly the MOST FUN song to play (imo) especially when it kicks in at the 30 second mark.

Weird vid BTW – – apparently, it’s derived from this….



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Ryan Dahle is one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. He’s super chill, down to earth, and probably has one of the most incredible recording spaces I’ve seen. His new album and single are D O P E .

If you were a kid growing up in Canada during the later 90’s, you probably rocked out to this:

Remote Control was all over Much Music – back when they actually played vids…..Shout Outs to Rick Campenelli!

Canadian excellence emerged once again after Ryan’s other band Limblifter dropped this track….I remember being in grade 10 and getting down to this on a Friday night.


Ryan has consistently released some of the best Canadian rock music over the past decade….He deserves a high five!

Check out his new record Irrational Anthems which you can BUY on iTunes.

You can also dig the old Age of Electric and Limblifter stuff which will be available starting TODAY.. .




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To explain the last 3 weeks of my life is not worth attempting. In fact, I prefer to learn from it, rather than dwell on it, and use it as the fuel to accomplish my wildest dreams.

(click for Mondays theme song)

To myself I promise:

to work harder this month then I ever have

to welcome and accept any change, while trying my best in every situation

to appreciate the circumstances I am under and be thankful how blessed I am

to stay focused on what I need to accomplish


I feel like this kid in the picture



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Farshad thinks it’s cuz of this…..